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It's time we talk about mental illness more openly.  

Mental Health First Aid is a public education program that can help individuals across the hospitality industry understand mental illnesses, support timely intervention, and save lives.  

New York City currently offers many (and some free) counseling programs.  However, many do not know they exist.  Where can you turn to for help?  We will help provide the answers.  

Know what to do

Mental illness is not a failure.  In fact, the World Health Organization states 1 in 5 people suffer from mental illness and most do not even know it.  Around 450 million people suffer from mental health conditions, placing mental health illness among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.

Do you know the signs that someone close to you may be suffering?  Do you know how to approach this person without judgement?  We will show you how.  

You can help

Stories of mental illness in the hospitality industry are common.  There are more than 800,000 hospitality workers in New York City alone.  For those that suffer from mental illness, they should know their symptoms are manageable.  Through communication and self-awareness, we can help those employees achieve their potential.  You can help save someone's life.